Monday, 16 May 2011

Skills4Work Session for SELCS students

There's an upcoming Skills4Work session at UCL which could be useful and interesting for SELCS students...

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving - Monday 16th May - Foster Court 130 - 18:00-20:00

.               What is creativity & problem solving?
.               Different stages of creativity & problem solving
.               The 4 types of problem
.               Apply creative thinking techniques to develop solutions
.               Ideas storming
.               The 'reframing matrix'
.               The 'SCAMPER' technique
.               Creating a creative environment
.               Deciding on the right solution
.               Turning your ideas into a reality
.               Action planning techniques
.               Taking ownership of your ideas
.               Influence & Persuasion techniques

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'Skills4Work' is a joint skills development initiative run by UCL Careers Service and UCLU.
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