Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thoughtsforward organises Rush Hour Lectures in April - get excited and turn up!

Cramped, stinky tube carriages? Boo!
Wine, brainfun and giggles? Hurrah!

During the month of April Thoughtsforward is organising The Rush Hour Lectures; a series of events and talks which anyone can attend. From the dark comedies of Machiavelli through to explorations of the Grime scene, all sorts of research interests are presented in a fun and informal way. All the lectures open their doors at 17.10 for a 17.30 start, and promise FREE WINE.

The first lecture is this Friday, entitled "Masturbation - A Natural History". This lecture seeks to discuss the differences between male and female masturbation in humans and non-humans from evolutionary biological and sociological perspectives. In what ways might it be reproductively
advantageous to tickle the kitten or spank the monkey? Join former UCL alumnus Alexis Hatto for a frank and stimulating discourse on self-inflicted intercourse.


1st April 2011
"Masturbation - A Natural History"
Alexis Hatto (UCL) Chadwick Lecture Theatre, UCL

8th April 2011
"Machiavelli Laughing: Religion, Politics and Renaissance Comedy"
Adam Mowl (KCL) Garwood Lecture Theatre, UCL

15th April 2011
"Speeding up the slowest game of 'Chinese Whispers' - The Medieval
Manuscript Tradition in 50 Minutes"
Dr. Reynir Þór Eggertsson (UCL) Garwood Lecture Theatre, UCL

21st April 2011
Faroese Chain Dancing Comes to London
with Rasmus A. Joensen
Somers Town Community Association Hall (

27th April 2011
"The two-way road: Language meets Grime meets language"
Nichola Smalley (UCL) Pearson Lecture Theatre, UCL

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