Thursday, 3 March 2011

SELCS PG Workshop - "The Impact of Languages...", 11th March 2011

All SELCS postgrads and staff are invited to "The Impact of LANGUAGES < > The Language of IMPACTA ‘landscaping’ workshop".

Date: Friday 11 March 2011, 13.00-17.30
Venue: Room SB5, 188 Tottenham Court Road

·      How is ‘Impact’ defined by HEFCE, by Research Councils, and by 
other funding bodies?
·      How can we disseminate our research via Public Engagement 
(PE), Knowledge Transfer (KT), (Social) Enterprise, and other ‘Pathways to Impact’?
·      What are we in SELCS already doing in these areas, and how do 
we make sure we get credit for what we do?
·      What projects might we want to develop?
·      How can we record and evaluate the social, cultural and 
economic impact of our research?
·      What sources of finance and institutional support are 
available for PE and KTE activities, and how do we get our hands on them?

The afternoon will feature short presentations from SELCS colleagues about their projects, Q&A sessions with experts on PE, KT+E, IT, and other mysterious acronyms, and plenty of opportunity to mingle and share ideas. A light lunch, unlimited coffee and tea, some cake, and a glass of wine to end the afternoon will be provided. The workshop is supported by the UCL KT Champions scheme and by the UCL Beacon Mentors scheme.

All SELCS staff (academic and administration) and postgraduate students are very welcome to attend all or part of this event. Places are limited, and we need to order the right amount of cake, so please register in advance. To register, please email Karin Charles
( by 5pm on Monday 7 March. If you can only stay for part of the afternoon, just mention this when you email.

Questions? Email

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