Thursday, 3 March 2011

CFP - "Identity", University of Kent - Brussels School of International Studies, April 2011

This April the University of Kent - Brussels School of International Studies will be hosting their annual academic conference for post-graduate students across Europe. 

CFP and more details below:

This year’s conference will focus on Identity, specifically in correlation with politics, culture and international studies.  The broad topic of identity encompasses everything from the individual to the civilization.  It includes actors as small as people, as big as groups and as grand as super-national organizations like the EU.  All of these units interact continuously over questions of nationality, law, faith, terrorism, war and change. 

It is through this discourse of intellectuals that we hope to influence and contribute to our understanding, comprehension and acceptance of what we are.  By looking at what defines us we hope to broaden our understanding of “Us.”

This conference will take an interdisciplinary approach to the topic inviting theoretical, historical and substantive contributions.  We welcome contributions from the fields of political science, anthropology, sociology, theology, philosophy, history and communications to help better understand these questions.  This year’s conference will be Thursday and Friday
14-15 April 2011 at our campus in Brussels.  We are now seeking abstracts that are between
200-300 words with marks of at least 60%.  If you wish to submit an abstract, please send it to by 13 March 2011 with “International Conference 2011 Submission” in the subject line.

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