Friday, 4 February 2011

Graduate's Day, KCL, 28th February - "What is the public value of Arts and Humanities?"

Graduates’ Day, King’s College London, 28th February 11-4, Anatomy Theatre Museum, 6th Floor, King's Building, King's College London

What is the public value of Arts and Humanities?

It is no secret: There were less difficult times for Arts and
Humanities. Time is short and finances are scarce. So: Why study
Shakespeare? Why think about politics and the world religions? Why
explore national history? Why reflect upon moral issues?

The first Arts and Humanities Graduates’ Day at King’s College London
invites PhD students from Arts and Humanities in the University of
London to engage with these issues and discuss the importance of Arts
and Humanities in the contemporary world. It will also be an opportunity
to meet fellow research students working in the field of Arts and

* Refreshments and lunch provided
* Please email Sarah Hayward ( to book your place at this free event

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