Wednesday, 23 February 2011

CFP - Association for French Language Studies 2011 conference

The Association for French Language Studies has launched a CFP for its 2011 conference, "Reconsidering Relations between Theory, Methods and Data in French Linguistics". The conference will be hosted by the CNRS / Nancy Université research unit ATILF (Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française) in Nancy, France, 8-10 September. The deadline for submission of proposals is 4th March 2011.
Conference web site:

The 2011 conference, celebrating the 30th anniversary of AFLS and the 10th anniversary of the ATILF, will be a forum for exploring issues relating to the use of computerized data for the study of French and the links between tools and analysis: how do we use corpora and databases? What are the underlying theoretical and/or methodological considerations? Beyond specific questions relating to resources, this conference also aims to attract researchers working more generally on questions of data use for the study of language.

Papers are invited on the ways in which researchers use existing resources, taking into account the different issues mentioned above. Papers may also deal with the reasons for elaborating new resources or issues to do with types of data use, management of resources and computing issues, creation of reliable archives and standardization of resources and metadata.
Interdisciplinary studies or those looking at similar issues applied to languages other than French are also welcome insofar as they contribute to the general areas of reflection given above.

See conference web site ( for full presentation.

Proposals should be sent as a .doc, .rtf or .odt file to the following address BEFORE 4TH MARCH 2011: They should take the form of a two page document: on the first page, title of paper, author?s name, address and professional affiliation; on the second page, title of paper and anonymous abstract no longer than 400 words accompanied by 4-5 keywords and any given references. The abstract should mention explicitly the given area(s) into which the work best fits: historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, acquisition and language learning (L1/L2), descriptive linguistics, handling of resources and computer tools.  

Proposals that do not fall within one or more of these broad areas, but which relate to the general theme of the conference, will also be considered. In these cases, the author is asked to specify the particular area(s) concerned. The languages of the conference are French and English; the proposal should be in the intended language of communication. Presentations will be scheduled for 30 minute slots (20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions).

Proposals from postgraduate students are welcome. PhD students wishing to be considered for the AFLS PhD student prize (best presentation by a doctoral student - see information on AFLS website) should clearly indicate this intention on the first page of their proposal by appending the following
mention: "PHD STUDENT PRIZE AWARD". Co-authored papers can only be considered for the award if all authors concerned are PhD students.

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