Thursday, 13 January 2011

CARMEN/KARMEN/S/ at the Bloomsbury Theatre - Upcoming Event

The European Institute is supporting /carmen/karmen/s/, a three-part exploration of CARMEN across times, cultures and media. The following events form part of the programme, supporting an interdisciplinary conference staged 11th-12th February.  

On 11 February, CARMEN STAGED, will feature a performance of Bizet's Carmen Suites by the UCL Opera orchestra conducted by Charles Peebles. The familiar strains of the music, though, will be countered by the collage of images that visual artist Susanne Dietz will curate from various different versions of Carmen - some better known than others. Will you be able to recognise them all?

CENTRIFUGE: CARMEN SAMPLED , on 12 February, is a collaboration between the pioneering multimedia artist Robin Storey and choreographer/dancer Johanna Devi. Stripping back the layers of narrative accumulated around the figure of Carmen, they explore the elemental forces that constitute her. Not set in any particular time or place, CENTRIFUGE attempts to capture Carmen's enduring themes. The artists improvise around anchoring concepts, spinning out from the 'original' story, one that is already itself a constellation of influences, works, adaptations and translations. Using sampling as the key technique, the piece draws on its many predecessors and turns the anxiety of influence into inspiration.

For tickets, visit the Bloomsbury Theatre website and for further information see the project website.

-- Alicia 

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