Thursday, 13 January 2011

ASMCF Annual Conference, University of Stirling - Call For Papers

Postgraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply to the ASMCF Annual Conference, to be held at the University of Stirling, 1st-3rd September.  The conference is entitled: Continuities and Discontinuities? France Across the Generations.

They welcome proposals in the following topic areas (and the full CFP brief gives lots of detail on potential themes within these broad areas):
  1.  Political Generations
  2. France’s Memory Wars: Devoirs de mémoire, tyrannie de la repentance and beyond
  3. Popular Culture: Legacies and Cultural Markers
  4. Kinship and Families
  5. The New Generation: Les Enfants de Sarkozy? 
  6. From Commemoration to Celebration
The conference organisers welcome papers from a wide variety of disciplines including international relations, history, geography, politics, economics, sociology and religious, gender, literary, cultural, film and media studies.  Proposals for individual papers (300 words max.) and for panels, which should consist of three presenters and a named chairperson are both invited. Papers may be delivered in English or French. The total time for one paper is 20 minutes both for presentations in panels as well as for individual presentations. Send your proposals for papers and panels (with contact details) to Fiona Barclay ( and Cristina Johnston ( by 1 February 2011. 

There is also a Postgraduate Poster Session: postgraduates in the early stage of their research are invited to present their work in this special section. Apparently, "The Poster Session aims to enable postgraduate students to participate in the conference programme, receive feedback from specialists in an informal and friendly setting and to prepare them for presenting papers at future conferences."  For further information about presenting a poster at the ASMCF annual conference, contact the ASMCF postgraduate representative, Lindsey Dodd ( 

 For full details, including the full CFP brief, click here.

-- Alicia

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