Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Upcoming Sessions...

*Thursday 25th November, 4-5.30. Room: Cruciform Foyer seminar Room 3*

Discussion session on Slavoj Zizek's recent article : "Liberal multiculturalism masks an old barbarism with a human face" ( - click on the link to go direct to the article)

We're keen to engage with ideas of the role of the academic, and thought that Zizek's piece would be an interesting focus for this discussion.

The proposed format of the discussion is a slightly more structured response by each of us (Alexandra, Alicia and Nicky) as a prompt for further exchange, and we thought people might like to have a thorough
read of the article (and the comments section - it's quite interesting in itself...) in order to identify issues and comments to contribute to the discussion.

If anyone has any additional suggestions for this session, do let us know!

*Thursday 9th December, 4-5.30. Room: Cruciform Foyer Seminar Rom 3*

For this session, we thought we'd give people an opportunity to talk more directly about their own work exploring the *'what'* and *'why'* of their projects*, *and we intend to do this through a series of mini
panels around specific themes or keywords.

_To make this possible, we'd be grateful if you could send us a short list of keywords that you see as being central to your projects. _

We will then form small groups of speakers (2-3) based on shared concepts/keywords and ask those speakers to make very short (i.e. 5-7 mins), very informal (i.e. minimal planning required!) presentations of their projects, followed by discussion and responses. We would aim to have a couple of themes in order to give the maximum amount of people the opportunity to speak.

The aim with this session would be both to provide people with a chance to focus and crystallise their ideas, and to get feedback on them, but also to give us all the chance to find out, in more detail, what the
SELCS postgraduate community is up to, while examining, in more depth, how our work may be inter-connected, and what relevance the work being done in SELCS has to wider discussions and society in general.

So send us your keywords at thoughtsforward at gmail.com  so we can start curating the sessions!

As ever, we are very keen to hear from you - so  if you want to post on the blog, suggest topics for future sessions and shape the upcoming ones just get in touch!

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